How GPA works in QuickHAC

The below information is based on QuickHAC v2.1.4. Subsequent updates may alter calculations for better accuracy.

QuickHAC’s GPA algorithms are linear regressions of the GPA calculations found in official materials from Round Rock ISD[1] and Austin ISD[2]. The unweighted (4.0 scale) GPA is standard across districts. For each class, 100 gives you a 4.0, a 90 gives you a 3.0, and so on, and anything below 70 gives you a 0.0. The average of these grade points gives you the GPA. In the official unweighted GPA calculation, every class taken counts toward the GPA.

QuickHAC also supports weighted GPA scales. Round Rock ISD uses a 6.0 scale, while Austin ISD uses a 5.0 scale. The primary differences between weighted and unweighted are that in the weight calculation,

  • only core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, LOTE) are counted toward the GPA, and
  • Pre-AP/IB, AP, IB, and TAG courses (labelled “Honors” in QuickHAC) are given a 1.0 (2.0 in RRISD) grade point boost over regular courses.

When you tell QuickHAC to calculate the weighted GPA in the GPA Options dialogue, QuickHAC will automatically pick between the 6.0 and 5.0 scales depending on the district you are signed into. It will also automatically label all of your Pre-AP/IB, AP, IB, and TAG courses as “Honors” and give them the appropriate boost. If, for any reason, these are incorrect, you can change which courses are “Honors” by toggling the Regular/Honors switch next to the incorrect course. The GPA will update automatically.

By default, QuickHAC will not attempt to determine which classes are core classes and which are electives. As a result, if you opt to see your weighted GPA, you must toggle the Include/Exclude switch on your elective courses so that they may be excluded from the GPA calculation.

[1] Round Rock ISD 2013–14 Course Catalog, page 29.
[2] Austin ISD Secondary 2012–13 School Information Guide, page 116.


One thought on “How GPA works in QuickHAC

  1. this is not quite how it works. The 4.0 scale gives a 4.0 for 90 and scales down to 0.0 for a 60 (or maybe it’s 70, not really sure). The RRISD 5.0 scale gives 5.0 for a 100 and scales down to 0.0 for a 60 (again, maybe 70), with a 1.0 boost for honors classes.

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