Using your Round Rock ISD Email Address

Westwood High School has apparently started making you use your district-provided email address. They will be sending you important information to this email address, so it is important that you have it set up correctly and know how to access it. Instead of having to log in to it in addition to your primary email address every time you want to check something, there are a few more efficient ways you can set up your email.

First, though, if you have never signed in to your student email account, you will need to know what you need to sign in. To sign in through the GMail web interface, go to GMail and log in with the following details:

Username: s[your student ID]
Password: your school computer password

So if your student ID is 123456, your email address will be If you update your password on the school computers, your email password will also automatically update.

EDIT (6 Nov 2013): Because using your birthday as the password is extremely insecure, the district now requires you to log onto a school computer and change your password to something else before you can access your student email.

Multiple Accounts

The simplest way to sign in to your student email without disrupting your personal workflow is to simply sign in to multiple email accounts. This is a very simple process, and if you have never done it, Google has a short but very helpful tutorial.

However, simply logging it to multiple accounts has its disadvantages. You have to log in specifically to your school email every time you check for new mail. If you want to be able to check your school email without opening a new tab in your favourite browser and going to your school email account, there are a few ways you can do that.

Mail Client

You can set up your favourite mail client to use your Round Rock ISD email just like any other Google Apps email.

First, log into your student email, then go to your GMail Settings by clicking the gear at the top right and selecting Settings.

Then, select the tab labelled Forwarding and POP/IMAP. This will bring you to the following screen:


Enable IMAP, since it better than POP (it can handle two-way communications, so you can send and receive messages from your mail client), and click the Configuration instructions link under IMAP. Make sure to click Save Changes after you have enabled IMAP and before you try to set up your mail client.

The IMAP server acts just like the GMail server and the setup will look something like this, depending on which client you use


First, enter your account information.


Then, enter your inbound account information. Make sure you select IMAP as the server type and enter for the server. If your mail client asks for a server port, try 995.


Enter the same information for your outbound mail server and make sure to enable User Authentication.

And that’s how you sign in to your account using IMAP!


If you don’t use a mail client and would simply want all of your school email to go to your primary email, there is yet another solution you can try. In the Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings page (Gear in top right → Settings → Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab), click the button labelled Add a forwarding address under the Forwarding section. Then, enter your primary email address in the dialogue that appears:


Then, after you confirm this address on the next page, check your primary email address and follow the instructions in the email you get from Round Rock ISD:


Clicking on the link provided will bring you to this page:


And you are all set; all of your school email will now show up in your primary inbox.

I hope these instructions help you make the best out of your high school experience. Good luck with the rest of school, everybody!


One thought on “Using your Round Rock ISD Email Address

  1. You can also configure gmail to send email from your rrisd email from your primary gmail account. Goto settings>Accounts>Send Email As…

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